Our location and us

Danubio: (translated: Danube (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)

Our location is situated directly on the dam on the Danube (loop) aligned towards the south, with a fantastic view of the new "old" Danube port as well as the city Donauwörth.


Our name is characterized by the beautiful Danube, the second largest and second longest river in Europe (2857km) and the naturalness of its surroundings as well as the natural furnishing of the rooms (organic naturalness).



Our house is situated right on the Danube with a fantastic view of the new "old" Danube port as well as the city Donauwörth.

Enjoy nature and the river!


The Danube


Classified as an international waterway, it originates in the town of Donaueschingen, in the Black Forest of Germany, at the confluence of the rivers Brigach and Breg. The Danube then flows southeast for about 2,800 km (1,700 mi), passing through four capital cities before emptying into the Black Sea via the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine.


Once a long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire, the river passes through or touches the borders of 10 countries: Romania (29.0% of basin area), Hungary (11.6%), Serbia (10.2%), Austria (10.0%), Germany (7.0%), Bulgaria (5.9%), Slovakia (5.9%), Croatia (4.4%), Ukraine (3.8%), and Moldova (1.6%).[7]


(Source: Wikipedia)


We are situated at River Kilometre Index 2508,9



On one side the natural environment of the Danube, the house is situated on the other side towards a commercial area in a cul-de-sac road.

At the end of the cul-de-sac, sport-minded riflemen will find the marksmen's club house "Königlich Privilegierte Schützengilde 1403 Donauwörth" with outer terrain.  


The owner Michael Öhlhorn (security expert, entrepreneur and light designer) has given free rein to his hobby and his artistic vibe at one of the most beautiful places in Donauwörth. Natural materials combined with high-quality technology leave virtually nothing to be desired for a wide range of uses.


The result is a high comfort factor and reflection on the essentials.

This setting assures high performance or allows to simply switch off ...


Under one roof you will now find:

- Vabeg Eventsafety D - Development, research and technical service for safety of public events and meeting places, education and trainings with it’s own product Bauzauntor (gate for construction fences)

- Eventtechniker.de - Internet editorial for the event industry

- Licht-designer.com - Consultation for light solutions for end users

- Danubio multipurpose rooms & events